суббота, 3 апреля 2021 г.

Raytheon integrates NASAMS air defense systems into the Qatar air defense / missile defense system

TSAMTO, August 18. The US Department of Defense announced the signing of a contract by the US Air Force command with Raytheon for the integration of the NASAMS (National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) air defense system into the Qatar air defense / missile defense system.
The cost of the agreement concluded under the Foreign Military Sales program is $ 33.735 million. The contract provides for the supply, installation, integration of NASAMS air defense systems with the main and reserve command posts of the Qatar air defense / missile defense system (Air and Missile Defense Operations Center - ADOC), as well as testing. Work will be carried out at the Tewkesbury, Massachusetts facility and is expected to be completed in October 2021.
As TsAMTO reported, in November 2018, the US Department of State approved the delivery of military products, missiles and services to Qatar under the Foreign Military Sales program in support of the direct commercial sale of NASAMS (National Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) air defense systems. The total cost of this sale could be $ 215 million. The systems themselves are supplied under a direct commercial contract.
The purchase was carried out as part of the formation of a layered air defense / missile defense system in Qatar. Earlier, to create this system, Qatar has already acquired in the United States the AN / FPS-132 Block 5 early warning radar, the Patriot PAC-3 air defense system, the command posts of the air defense / missile defense system developed by Raytheon, the F-15QA (Qatar Advanced) fighters, and also sent a request on the possibility of supplying complexes of the THAAD high-altitude tactical missile defense system (a decision on the purchase has not yet been made).

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