суббота, 3 апреля 2021 г.

From AK to S-300: how Russian weapons changed Venezuela's army

Rosoboronexport has listed weapons that have increased the combat effectiveness of the Venezuelan army. Rosoboronexport summed up the original results of military-technical cooperation between Russia and Venezuela. The department notes that the country's army not only received new weapons, but also increased the level of combat training. This allows "to ensure their own defenses and successfully fight drug trafficking and organized crime."

Now the Venezuelan Armed Forces have a large amount of Russian military equipment. These are aircraft, helicopters, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, various missile and artillery weapons and small arms, including Kalashnikov assault rifles.
"The supply of modern air defense systems to Venezuela has made it possible to form an effective integrated air defense system," says Rosoboronexport. In addition, Russian specialists helped create a helicopter training center and a complex simulator for the Su-30MK2 multifunctional fighter in the country. Recall that in 2013, Venezuela received two divisions of the S-300VM air defense system. They are capable of hitting up to 24 targets simultaneously. Also, the complexes are equipped with modern electronic warfare equipment, comparable in capabilities with the S-400. Today, the S-300 are the most powerful US deterrent in the region.

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