суббота, 3 апреля 2021 г.

Air defense of the Baltic Fleet in the Kaliningrad region learn to repel air attacks

Moscow. August 19. INTERFAX - The Tor-M2 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) and the Tunguska-M anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems (ZRPK) repelled an air attack of a mock enemy during exercises in the Kaliningrad region, the press service of the Baltic Fleet (BF) reported.
"More than 200 military personnel took part in the training, several dozen pieces of weapons and military equipment were involved, including the Tor-M2 air defense system, the Tunguska-M air defense system, the Strela-10 air defense system and portable anti-aircraft missile systems (MANPADS) "Needle" - said in a message received by "Interfax" on Wednesday.
The military practiced not only repelling an air strike, but also ensuring flights of aircraft and helicopters of naval aviation, as well as occupying and masking positions.

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